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Social and Behavioral Research Grants Program

The Social and Behavioral Research Grants Program provides funding to researchers and implementers from interdisciplinary fields exploring vaccine acceptance amongst communities in low- and middle-income country settings. Through this program, Sabin encourages collaborative local partnerships between academic researchers, health officials and local communities. Grant partners conduct innovative research projects that utilize appropriate and rigorous methods to illuminate the social and behavioral dimensions of vaccination at multiple levels and then examine potential solutions to address those dimensions. Grant partners have the opportunity to build relationships and have impactful conversations about their work and its potential application to immunization programming through the VARN, as well as by writing for the Resource Hub.

The 2021 grant program is no longer accepting applications. Sabin will fund projects to conduct research and implement solutions for up to 12 months beginning in September 2021. Awards will be made up to $50,000, dependent upon the project’s proposed budget.

Past Grant Recipients

Most recently, Sabin received 119 proposals representing 36 countries for the 2020 grant cycle. Sabin awarded grants of up to $30,000 to five research teams to explore the social and behavioral drivers of COVID-19 misinformation, and its impact on routine immunization and the acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine. The research teams from India, Kenya, Pakistan and Uganda are conducting their research virtually to ensure the safety of the research teams and the communities with which they work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the 2019 grant cycle, Sabin received more than 50 proposals representing 32 countries. Sabin awarded grants of $24,000 each to research teams from Uganda, India and Sierra Leone to research, design and pilot a research project and community-level intervention. Each research project contributed to our understanding of the social and behavioral drivers of vaccine acceptance across country and local-level contexts, with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries. Grant partners’ research findings, detailing what drives individuals to accept vaccines in specific contexts, move us toward a global future free from preventable disease.

Explore our Resource Hub to learn more about Sabin’s grant partners.

External Review Committee

An External Review Committee of multidisciplinary experts will peer review eligible applications and advise Sabin on the selection of grant partners.


Write For Us

Are you interested in writing for the resource hub, or have you identified a useful resource to be included on the hub and/or gaps in knowledge that could inform our future content?