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Vaccination Acceptance Research Network

VARN2023 Conference Report

When Communities Lead, Global Immunization Succeeds

Cover of the VARN 2023 report

Conference Report

The VARN2023 Conference Report summarizes the key findings from the 2023 Vaccine Acceptance Research Network (VARN) Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand, June 13-15, 2023. Highlighting the latest research and current policy and programmatic challenges, opportunities, and strategies related to vaccine acceptance, demand, and delivery, this report is the result of the first in-person convening of the VARN that was attended by 231 researchers and professionals across 47 countries. This is a useful resource for public health professionals, researchers, and policymakers working in immunization across contexts and settings.

VARN2023 Key Findings

  1. Put vaccine equity and inclusion at the heart of programming to improve vaccine confidence, demand and delivery, and reach diverse and marginalized communities.
  2. Prioritize communities in immunization service delivery through people-centered approaches and tools.
  3. Encourage innovative, community-centric solutions and programs for improved routine immunization coverage and to reduce the number of zero-dose children.
  4. Strengthen vaccination across the life course through building vaccine demand and service integration to contribute to pandemic preparedness and maximize the benefits of future vaccines for all.
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