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Wahdae-mai Harmon-Gray, MD, MSc

Program Director, Director of Sociobehavioral Risk Factors Lab, School of Public Health, University of Liberia
Monrovia, Liberia
Wahdae-mai Harmon-Gray, MD, MSc

Wahdae-mai has over five years of experience working as a medical doctor in various health facilities with significant clinical contributions to the fight against Ebola and COVID-19 in Liberia. She is an early career health researcher but has worked in varied organizations, locally and internationally, including the Ministry of Health of Liberia, Aspen Medical Liberia, Maternity Care Coalition Philadelphia, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Wellcome Trust in Kenya, and Infectious Disease Data Observatory (IDDO), UK. She has contributed to a research project at IDDO that seeks to develop a data reservoir on five hemorrhagic diseases including Ebola, Lassa fever, Crimean Congo Yellow Fever, and Rubella viruses. She is also a local consultant and country Lead for a Maternal and Neonatal Research project with the University of Oxford. She supported the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) to develop and validate the National Rapid Response Framework (nRRT) document for the preparedness and Response Plan for Liberia and provided technical support to 15 counties of Liberia to update the National Epidemic Preparedness and Response Plan. Presently, she serves as Acting Director of the Masters of Public Health Program at the University of Liberia.


Interruption of tuberculosis detection and care during the Ebola virus disease epidemic (2014-2015) in Liberia: time-series analyses for 2013-2017

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