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Rubina Qasim, RN/RM, MScN, BScN

Assistant Professor, Dow University of Health Sciences
Karachi, Pakistan
Rubina Qasim, RN/RM, MScN, BScN

Rubina Qasim, RN/RM, BScN, MScN, is working as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Nursing & Midwifery, Dow University of Health Sciences located in Karachi, Pakistan. Rubina has more than 10 years of teaching and research experience in both public and private sector academic institutions in Pakistan. Her area of research is maternal and child health including routine immunization, and vaccine acceptance and hesitancy among marginalized hard-to-reach populations. Rubina is one of the recipients of Sabin’s 2020 Social and Behavioral Research grants. She is leading a team of research staff including volunteer undergraduate nursing students, working for the health and social uplifting of the marginalized population living in the peri-urban slum Karachi, Pakistan.


Misinformation, Society and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Investigating COVID-19 Misinformation Among Disenfranchised Communities in Karachi, Pakistan

Effect of diabetic counseling based on conversation map as compared to routine counseling on diabetes management self-efficacy and diabetic distress among patients with diabetes in Pakistan: a randomized controlled trial (study protocol)

Difficulties faced by older Rohingya (forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals) adults in accessing medical services amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh 

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