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Public Health Specialist, National Institutes of Health Pakistan
Omera  Naseer

Dr. Omera Naseer, a Public Health Specialist, has more than 14 years’ experience in Public & Private sectors at Primary and Tertiary Health care levels as well as in  National research and academic institutes of Pakistan. Her research interests range from MNCH, infectious diseases, NCDs, Adolescent health and clinical research. During her working tenure at the basic health units, she has supervised and monitored the vertical health programs including routine vaccination and Polio campaigns at the micro level. She has been part of voluntary emergency
health services, had managed and supervised a clinical trial site of Covid-19 phase 3 trial and ensured ICH GCP Compliance. She has also facilitated National level trainings on Infection prevention and control during Pandemic. Her research project on health system strengthening got accepted by WHO TDR as a prerequisite for the training on Effective project Planning and evaluation. Recently she has won a TEPHINET grant on NCD. She is improving her knowledge and productivity by attending various international certified courses on public health, epidemiology and clinical research. She has excellent management, team building and leadership skills. Currently she is working on Global health security agenda at NIH Pakistan.

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