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Ganiyat Eshikhena

Principal Investigator, Corona Management Systems
Kano, Nigeria
Ganiyat Eshikhena

Ms. Ganiyat Eshikhena BSc, MSc, is a highly skilled public health expert with over seven years of experience in strengthening health systems. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in immunization, vaccines, research, project design, and implementation. She provides technical assistance to the government of Nigeria, both at the national and sub-national level, including the state emergency routine immunization coordination center (SERICC), where she has made significant contributions to the improvement of healthcare delivery in the country especially contributing towards immunization equity. Over the years, she has supported the ministries of health to strengthen immunization programs including supporting the zero-dose assessment at the sub-national level. She was the co-investigator for the community theatre for immunization project, a project that aimed to increase demand for vaccines by leveraging the power of storytelling in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. She also provides technical assistance to the ministries of health on social and behavior change communication and community engagement. Overall, Ganiyat Eshikhena is a dedicated public health expert who has made significant contributions to the field of immunization and vaccines in Nigeria.

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