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Deeva Agravat, MSc

Vaccine Acceptance Associate, Sabin Vaccine Institute
Deeva Agravat, MSc

Deeva Agravat is the Vaccine Acceptance Associate for the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Vaccine Acceptance & Demand initiative. Her work focuses on attitudes, behaviors and perceptions impacting vaccine uptake in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Her portfolio consists of assisting with programmatic activities, curation of the Vaccine Acceptance Resource Hub and resources for the Insights Dialogue project.

She received her MSc in Emerging Economies & International Development from Kings College London. The focus of her dissertation addressed the relevance of intellectual patent laws and multinational pharmaceuticals impacting domestic pharmaceuticals in LIMICs. Her specialization areas include development of healthcare infrastructures, health-related advocacy and the urban/rural divides within the context of South Asia and East Africa.

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