Japan’s halt of regular HPV vaccine to cause thousands of cancer deaths: study


A decision by Japan to stop recommending adolescent girls receive a HPV vaccine will likely result in almost 11,000 deaths from cervical cancer if not reversed.

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Advocates blame anti-vaxxers after four-year-old boy dies from flu

(The Guardian)

Colorado boy’s mother admitted in a Facebook post she refused to fill the doctor’s prescription for Tamiflu

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The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. So is misinformation about it. (Washington Post)

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, fueling rumors and misinformation, a petition to cancel all classes in one U.S. school district for fear of the virus has garnered nearly 14,000 signatures.

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Nigeria: Death toll from Lassa fever outbreak jumps to 70 (Al Jazeera)

Authorities say number of suspected cases increased from more than 700 to 1,708 as Nigeria grapples with epidemic.

‘California refugees’ move to Idaho for lax vaccine laws. They want lawmakers to know why (Idaho Statesman) 

Hundreds of parents and their children protested against a mandatory vaccine bill at the California Capitol on May 15, 2015.

Women are Championing HPV Vaccine Campaigns in Kenya (Global Citizen)

A new vaccine aimed at vaccinating 800,000 girls per year for the forseeable future launched in Kenya last October and health officials are saying that women’s involvement in the campaign is at the core of its success.

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Cervical Cancer Could Be Eliminated in the U.S. in 20 Years, A New Study Says (Bustle)

New research published in The Lancet now predicts that thanks to the vaccine and routine screenings, cervical cancer could be eliminated in the U.S. in as little as 20 years.

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Mumps cases hit decade high in England (BBC) 

Health officials are urging people to have both parts of the MMR vaccine after cases of mumps in England reached their highest level in a decade.

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Shingles vaccine may reduce stroke risk (ScienceDaily)

The shingles vaccine appears to reduce stroke by about 16% in older adults. In addition, the shingles vaccine may offer the strongest protection against for people younger than 80.

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